Spring Fair 2017

Its Spring Fair again this week!

Spring Fair is great for all balloon artists as we not only get to meet up (Annual party!) but all of the manufacturers release their latest balloons to which we shout “YAY!” & let us know which are getting discontinued to which we sometimes shout “NOOOOOOO!”. Hopefully the shouting of No! doesn’t happen too often though as it is the poor sellers that they discontinue. The problem comes when a balloon design is popular in a small area, but across the wider area a poor seller.

So this years trends:
This year one of the balloons manufacturers had a bit of a Mad Hatter theme going on
lots of party wares have been released to support it too – lots of beautiful things!

This year is also a celebration of everything rose-gold lots and lots of rose-gold balloons being released; letters, numbers, script words beautiful big spherical ones! So if you like rose-gold 2017 is for you!

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